Video tutorials

Published on: 22.11.2021 14:29


So I'm watching a lot of video tutorials for blender, to learn it as best as I can so that I can offer 3D modeling and animation as my professional services as well, because I really enjoy doing that.


And I already did a bunch from different people. Some talk and work way too fast for my level, others work way too slow and i lost track of what they're explaining. So it's really crucial for me to find a video tutorial with appropriate level/speed that maches mine.


But there's also another aspect that I just realized and which made me want to share this with you. I figured out that I really don't like tutorial filled with non practical theory. Something like explaining a tool in a virtual environmen't and explaining how this tool will work, how it should work at a certain problem how we will use it etc. I won't even remember all these hypothetical uses of this tool and it gets really boring fast.


What I prefer is to use that tool at a specific problem. that way I solved the problem, i was being creative, which means I wasn't bored. I was already creating the solution, and I used that tool to solve the problem. Nobody didn't even have to explain to my why that tool is useful, I learned that in practice it was obvious to me. So learning tools and various new skills while already solving a problem, at actual work is much more fulfiling and fun for me. And I also remember everything much easier that way.


And I really have to recommend At least it really matches with my style of learning.


While has waay too much theory for me. it's tons of knowledge, but I'm listening to his tutorials for the last 2 hours and I didn't create a single 3D box yet.

So if you like practice and learning while already creating, Gabbit is the guy. If on the other hand you prefer theory first, then you'll probably like cgboost.

Which one do you like more and why?